PUBG Mobile India Series 2020: Registration, Prize, Rules,Full Guide

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PUBG Mobile India Series 2020

Pubg Mobile India Series 2020, PMIS Registration, PMIS Prize 2020, PMIS Rules – Hello Friends Welcome back to Free Shopping Deal. I hope you enjoyed PayTM First Games and Free Recharge Offers. Today I am back with an amazing article for the Pubg Fans. The Pubg Mobile India series 2020 is back, I will tell you all about Pmis series registration, prize, and rules in this article.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2020

Tencent Games has finally announced the registration dates for the PUBG Mobile India Series (PMIS) 2020. This is one of the biggest e-sports tournaments that take place in India. It is the second iteration of the popular e-sports tournament, which will be live-streamed globally. Stay tuned with the article to know more about PMIS 2020.

The first edition of the PMIS was out in the year 2019 and this year too Tencent Games have announced that the registrations for PMIS 2020 have been opened. It also offers a huge amount of prize money to the winners of the tournament.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Registration Date:

If you are a PUBG fan and wish to get your squad registered for the PMIS 2020 then mark these dates. The PMIS 2020 registrations have been opened since May 6, 2020, and all those interested can register till May 17, 2020.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Prize Pool: 

The PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Prize pool has revealed the prize money as follows, the total prize pool is Rs.50,00,000 (Fifty Lakhs) which will be distributed amongst the winners of the PUBG Mobile India series 2020. The First place holder will get Rs.20,00,00(twenty lakhs), second place holder will get Rs.5,00,000 (Five Lakhs) other details are given below in the screenshot. PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 01

There will also be a special category of rewards of total Rs.5,00,000 (Five lakhs) more details you can check in the below screenshot. PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 01

How to Register for PUBG Mobile India series 2020?

  • First of all visit PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Website.

Visit Now

  • You will have to register your squad in 5 steps as shown below.
  • Enter your Team details like Team Name, upload your team logo, Team Owner, E-mail id, mobile number, and city and click on Next. PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 01
  • Enter Captains Details and Click On Next. PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 02
  • Fill all the player’s details and complete the Registration By Clicking on Submit.
  • Your Registration will be successful.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Phases :

Phase 1:- In-Game Qualifiers

  • In-game qualifiers will be open for all.
  • In-game qualifiers will be held to determine the contenders for the online qualifiers.
  • Every registered squad will be required to play 15 matches, out of which, 10 best games will be taken into consideration for qualification.

Phase 2:- Online Qualifiers 

  • A total of 256 teams will compete in the online qualifiers.
  • Top 248 teams will advance from the In-game qualifiers while 8 teams will come in as direct invites.
  • These teams will play 2 matches in groups of 16 and the top 3 teams with the best cumulative score in each group will qualify for the Quarter Finals.
  • In addition to the 48 teams, 8 teams with the highest kills during the online qualifiers will proceed to the next round.

Phase 3:- Quater Finals 

  • Quarterfinals will have a total of 64 Teams.
  • 56 qualified teams from online qualifiers and 8 new invited teams will play the quarter-finals.
  • These 64 teams will battle it out in 4 groups across 4 days. 8 teams from each group will proceed to the next round.

Phase 4:- Semi-Finals

  • 32 top teams from Quarter Finals will advance to the semifinals.
  • Here we have a healthy mix of old established teams and the fresh young talented teams to enable high-quality exposure on both sides.
  • Semifinals will determine the prowess of the older teams while propelling the new squads to national recognition.
  • Teams will fight it out for the top 16 slots.

Phase 5:- Finals 

  • It all boils to the Grand Finals, where the top 16 teams in the country will take a shot at 50 Lacs INR prize pool and attain glory.
  • 3 days of intense battle royale action will see teams getting through a total of 18 matches to reach the conclusion.
  • The finals are where the new champions of India will be crowned.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 Rules :

  1. A total of 256 teams will compete in the online qualifiers. Out of these 248 will be from the in-game qualifiers and the other eight teams will have direct invites surely.
  2. The teams with direct invite will be allowed to play two matches each where they will be focusing on dominating the leaderboard in order to qualify for the quarter-finals surely.
  3. Only the top 48 teams from the online qualifiers will be promoted to play the quarter-finals surely.
  4. Apart from these 48 teams, 16 more teams will be playing in the quarter-finals. Out of these 16 teams, 8 teams will have direct invites and the other 8 will be selected from online qualifiers basis top kills.
  5. From here 32 teams will proceed for the semi-finals and then 16 teams will finally get a chance to face-off in the finals.
  6. A total of 18 matches will be played in the finals to get a clear winner.
  7. The winner of the series will be awarded the prize money worth Rs. 50 lakhs surely.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last date to register for Pubg Mobile India Series 2020?

The last date to register for PMIS is 18th May 2020.

How many matches will be fought in the Final?

There will be 18 matches to be fought in the finals.

Finally, How much amount will get in PMIS Winner Team?

Winners of PMIS will get Rs. 20 Lakh surely

Conclusion :

That was all about Pubg Mobile India Series 2020 where you can register for the 2020 tournament. Share this article with your friends and also let them join the Pubg India mobile series 2020 by our method.

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